BRADUTCH – Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

The idea to create a Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands came from Ambassador Piragibe Tarragô ( Brazilian Ambassador in the Netherlands till 2016 ) who shared his vision with Mr. Reinier Russell, consul of Brazil in Amsterdam, who became the president of Bradutch’s Advisory Board. Pollyane dos Reis and Cristiane Bueno where invited by Mr. Reinier to develop this project. This two Brazilians entrepreneurs have been living and learning about the Netherlands since 2000. After over a decade of work in the Dutch market they developed a vast network which will be used to add value and bridge Brazil and the Netherlands further. With this in mind, the Chamber of Commerce of Brazil in the Netherlands was established in 2015.

Purpose and Mission

Bradutch – Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands – is a civil entity whose main goal is to develop activities that encourage cooperation between competent authorities and business associations from the two countries. Moreover, it aims to provide technical information to industrial and commercial transactions, as well as to prospect new markets, attract investments and bring partnerships together.

The entity is responsible for organising Brazilian trade missions to the Netherlands, and also promoting conferences, seminars and meetings related to economic, commercial and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Furthermore, our main objective is to develop activities that stimulate interactivity and business between Brazil and the Netherlands. It organizes trade missions, conferences, seminars and other events related to economic, commercial and cultural exchanges between Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition, the organization has platforms for “networking”, offers several diverse publications and different services for its members.

To keep achieving these objectives Bradutch provides, through highly qualified professionals, a number of key services for conducting business:

a) Promote trade and industry´s interests as well as offer assistance to private and public organizations in the Netherlands and Brazil

b) Offer a networking platform that aids Brazilian and Dutch companies to meet one another and establish new contacts and business partnerships

c) Advise and inform members on how their economic interests can best represented and pursued in both countries

d) Realization and distribution of brochures, magazines, conferences and exhibitions that may be of importance to the consolidation and expansion of Dutch and Brazilian relations.

e) With respect to culture, we have a specific team within the Chamber of Commerce that focuses solely on the promotion of artistic projects – RiCultura

The Netherland´s relationship with Brazil

The Netherland´s relationship with Brazil is nearly four centuries old. Soon after the foundation of the West Indische India in 1621, the Dutch became interested in Brazil´s prospect as a supplier of raw materials – namely sugar and wood. Nine years later this interest led to the occupation of the province of Pernambuco (BA) and its establishment as the New Holland colony. Since then, their diplomatic relationship flourished to the point that the Netherlands was the largest direct investor in Brazil in 2014.

Indeed, both countries have intense and deeply rooted economic ties. The Netherlands has occupied the first position in the foreign investors´ ranking in Brazil and led the list for few years. With regards to tourism, it currently is the 13th country that visits Brazil the most.

According to recent data from EMBRATUR (Tourism Brazilian Agency), about 485,000 tourists visited Brazil during the last World Cup, 20% of which were Dutch. Similarly, the Dutch Statistics’ Bureau asserts that 73,000 Dutch visit Brazil annually and that, each year, Brazil attracts about 6 million visitors from around the globe. The Bureau further predicts that 2020 this number will reach 10 million. The touristic interest is mutual, given that the Netherlands expects 145,000 Brazilians visitors this year alone.

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Certain that the expansion of this economic partnership will be mutually beneficial; BRADUTCH was founded in 2015 in order to bridge the two nations further. As such, the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands strives to offer the necessary and relevant assistance to those who choose to pursue business endeavours in Brazil.