João Bastos mayor of Anapolis, Goias, Brazil, became one of the members of the advisory board of BRADUTCH. He accepted our invitation during his visit to the Netherlands in October 2015 when he joined a business delegation from the Brazilian State of Goias, headed by H. E. Marconi Perillo, Governor of Goais. The Focus of the mission where Food, Agribusiness, Logistic, Infrastructure, and Investments in Brazil. While Brazil is living a retraction moment, the State of Goiás is growing well above the national average. João reinforced the State’s interest in widening the trade relations with the Netherlands, in the framework of the economy’s internationalization project undertaken by the Governor Marconi Perillo.

ABOUT Anápolis:

Anápolis is a Brazilian municipality of the State of Goiás. It is located between two capitals, the federal capitalBrasília and state capital Goiânia. It is the third most populous city in the state, with 361 991 inhabitants according to an estimate by the Brazilian Institute of Geographic and Statistics in 2012. It is an important industrial and logistics center in the Brazilian Central-West. Its GDP is R$ 10 billion, approximately US$4.4billion, which makes it the second largest in the state. The city became an industrial power after the implementation of its Industrial District in 1970.


Anápolis is one of the most developed municipality in the state. It also has one of the fastest developing industrial sector with several pharmaceutical plants. Transportation is good, with highways linking the city with both Goiânia and Brasília.

There is a large pool of educated professionals produced by the several institutions of higher learning in the city, e.g. the State University of Goiás. The surrounding land is excellent for intensive production of fruit like oranges, bananas, and sugarcane. All of these factors make Anápolis the most competitive city after the capital.

Hyundai has a plant in Anápolis, which produces the Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai HB20DAIA (Distrito Agro-Industrial de Anapolis) is the industrial sector of Anapolis. It includes many large companies such as Laboratório Teuto Brasil, a pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant, the largest generic medicine-producing plant in Brazil. The federal government decided to build a major logistical centre around the DAIA, which is a distribution point for goods throughout Brazil by road, rail and air.