Brazil has expressed interest to extend cooperation to Pakistan in renewable energy, said Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins, ambassador of Brazil in Pakistan, on Wednesday.
“Brazil covers more than 42 percent of its energy needs through renewable resources and ready for knowledge sharing with Pakistan,” he said during a meeting with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Regional Chairman and Vice President Mian Rehman Aziz at the FPCCI Regional Office.
“Brazil has improved per hectare yield through modern technology and double cropping and is also one of the largest exporters of poultry meat,” Lins said, adding: “Pakistani businessmen can take benefit from the Brazilian expertise in these sectors.”
The Brazilian envoy also talked about the trade volume between the two countries.
“The mutual trade volume in 2015 was hardly $369 million, which does not match the potential exists in the two countries.”
He said, “Brazil is looking for new trade partners in Asia, while Pakistan products are best and can easily make their way in the Brazilian market.”
He invited the Pakistani businessmen to work for joint ventures with their Brazilian counterparts and also report their reservations to the Brazilian Embassy in Pakistan over tariff.
Aziz said that the Brazil-Pakistan relations were characterised as friendly and cooperative and the balance of trade has been in favour of Brazil.
“The private sector of Pakistan can definitely take advantage of exports to Brazil of various types of consumer goods such as readymade garments, fabrics, knitwear, towels, leather and leather products, pharmaceutical and surgical instruments.
Brazil offers a huge potential for exports of high quality footballs.
“Everyone knows that the game of football is very close to the hearts of the Brazilian people. We can also supply agro products, including rice, pulses, fruits and vegetables and for this, we need to work closely with your office to find the right partners.”
Poultry sector is one of the associated sectors of Pakistan and Brazil, as well. “We should develop joint ventures to promote this sector,” he said.
Brazil is exporting poultry products of billions of dollars to China, the Middle East and India, as its trade with China is $83 billion and with India $18 billion.
“We can cooperate in technology transfer, sharing research data and holding skill development programmes in both the countries, he added.
Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Iftikhar Ali Malik called for business-to-business meetings between the businessmen of the two countries. Syed Muhammad Aasim, vice president of the FPCCI, talked about the trade and economic relations.
“Pakistan’s geographical location is very important and could be beneficial for the Brazilian investors,” he said.