Relations between the Netherlands and Brazil are good. Brazil’s large internal market, extensive demand for know-how and knowledge acquisition and transfer, and positive long-term economic outlook mean a wealth of trade opportunities for the Netherlands. The Netherlands is Brazil’s fourth-largest export market.

Political relations

  • Brazil’s geopolitical influence is continuing to grow. It also shares many values with the Netherlands, including commitment to international law and democracy governed by the rule of law; free, safe internet for all; and inclusive social development.
  • The Netherlands’ partnership with Brazil is an opportunity to promote these values.
  • One key theme in the countries’ relationship is cooperation on education and research. The Netherlands is a popular destination for students through the Ciência sem Fronteiras exchange programme, which increases Brazilians’ familiarity with the country.
  • Ministers and state secretaries from Brazil and the Netherlands regularly visit each other’s countries.
  • The Dutch embassy in Brazil is based in the capital Brasília. The Netherlands also has consulates-general in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. There are also 11 honorary consuls in other major cities.

Economic relations

  • As a gateway to Europe the Netherlands is of great importance to Brazil. It is one of the biggest investors in Brazil and the fourth-largest market for Brazilian exports.
  • Key exports from Brazil to the Netherlands are raw materials such as soya, vegetable oil, fuels, minerals and ores, and fruit and meat. Dutch exports to Brazil include petrochemical products, agricultural products like seeds and seed potatoes, and industrial machinery.
  • The two countries enjoy significant economic cooperation in the following areas: ports and inland waterway transport, energy, chemicals, education, science, high-tech systems and materials, technology and innovation, defence and airports.
  • Despite its current economic dip, Brazil continues to enable the Netherlands to build on its position as a gateway to Europe. Thanks to their location, the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands provide an excellent link between Europe and Brazil and are attracting increasing numbers of Brazilian tourists.

Cultural relations

  • Cultural relations with Brazil are close. Cooperation between Brazilian and Dutch actors is actively encouraged. This has already resulted in a great many successful partnerships in architecture and urban planning, design and serious gaming. Moreover, Brazil is strengthening its ties with European markets by attracting businesses and leading talents from Dutch creative industry. Acclaimed Dutch arts events are frequently staged in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
  • The two countries have a shared history, especially through John Maurice of Nassau’s period as governor of Pernambuco in the first half of the 17th century. Brazil is a priority country for Dutch policy on shared cultural heritage. As a well-known figure in Brazil, John Maurice of Nassau strengthens the Netherlands’ favourable image. The partnership between the Netherlands and Brazil extends to historic buildings, archives and museum collections.