photo: Diplomata Henrique Choer Moraes, Secretária Luciana Vasques Farnesi, Diretora Financeira Bradutch- Cristiane Bueno, Embaixador Everton Vieira Vargas, Diretora Geral Bradutch- Pollyane dos Reis e  Ministro Conselheiro André Odenbreit Carvalho.

This week we visited the Mission of Brazil to the European Union,to present to the Ambassador Everton Vieira Vargas; the FEUCCB – European Federation of Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, recently founded by Bradutch in the Netherlands. 

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What is the Brazilian Mission to the European Union?

Brazil established diplomatic relations with the European Economic Community on May 24, 1960 – the first Latin-American country to do so – when Ambassador Augusto Frederico Schmidt presented his credentials to Jean Rey, member of the first Commission of the EEC, in charge of external relations, who was to become the first President of the unified Commission of the three European Communities.

Initially, the Brazilian representation held office in Paris, as an annex of the Delegation to the UNESCO. Soon after, Brazil founded a permanent diplomatic representation in Brussels at the end of the Kubitschek Government, which created, by Decree, the Brazilian Delegation to the European Economic Community on January 23, 1961, only three years after the Treaty of Rome came into effect.

In 1963, the competences of the Brazilian representation were enlarged to ecompass the other Communities – the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM): a Decree of May 22 of the same year created the Brazilian Mission to the European Communities, or BRASEUROPA.

Visit the website of the Mission of Brazil to the European Union>>>

We hope that you will be able to use it as a tool to learn about Brazil and bilateral relations Brazil-European Union, get informed on events being hosted by the Mission, find information on European and Brazilian matters and much more.