2016 was not an easy year for Brazil, and optimism is still modest for 2017. With the exception of a few sectors, however, whereof AGRIBUSINESS is the most important. Record crops and production numbers, a new focus on internationalization and the search for new technologies to improve productivity all trigger excellent business opportunities.

Would these opportunities be limited to direct suppliers of products and services for agriculture itself they would already cover a wide range, from irrigation to harvest equipment, and from horticulture to animal breeding and everything in between.

But they are not. Indirect opportunities are formed by an expanding and modernizing industry for the processing of agricultural products, as well as the infrastructure for logistics, apart from many “side-line items” which may include energy supplies, water treatment installations, drone observation technologies, security, special software, communications, pharmaceuticals, academic research, and so on and so forth. In fact, agricultural developments spread benefits to nearly all other sectors of the economy. In Brazil that is the more so because it also helps to develop cities and states outside the previously important hubs, triggering true economic miracles in different locations.

It is for all those reasons that we may with certainty classify agribusiness as the true locomotive for the Brazilian economy in 2017 and beyond.