Earth Tastes represents companies in the Netherlands, and open new market opportunities for their services/products in the Netherlands, acting from the verybeginning until the sales for the companies that want to do business without settling an international office. We act also as an international agent.

Earth Tastes sells your products in this country, and grant the best results of business opportunities, keeping and promoting your brand.

Earth Tastes has the expertise and best partnerships for your company to help in the export and imports, accomplishing all the requirements for both transactions and giving consultancy about the international market.

Earth Tastes searches for the best solutions for financing and funding program of your company, searching best international opportunities and options to accommodate  investments.

Earth Tastes finds the best logistic and distribution engineering,  showing the best options as costs x benefits, accordingly to your strategic policies.

Earth Tastes organizes events for your company and takes care of all the previous procedures, inclusive financial,  and accompanies all the production for your event.

Earth Tastes participates in any events to sell the products created for enhancing health and tastes. Earth Tastes has its own line of products – juices, smoothies, jellies and special teas and recipes.

Earth Tastes structures and manage workshops for your company, analyzing the best opportunities, strategies, costs, invitations  and accompanies all the procedures, optimizing its success results.

Notedly, Earth Tastes acts in the food and beverage markets, and it`s also opened for other products that are related to sustainability.