Strattner is a leading company at providing solutions to hospitals, clinics and health professionals. The company is specialized at trading instruments and medical equipment from several specialties of medicine such as: Urology, Gynecology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, ENT, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Proctology. It also gives a special attention to minimally invasive surgery.

Strattner distributes technology and services and its brand is synonymous to quality and innovation. H. Stratner has been an exclusive representative of KARL STORZ for over 60 years. In addition, H. Strattner represents other companies such as Storz Medical, SciScan, MediSafe, Intuitive Surgical, Accuray, Borer, Matachana, Guldmann, Trilux, Schaerer, BK Medical, EOS Imaging, Edap TMS, Sidhil, Simbionix 3D Systems and Swann Morton, companies known to be the best in their specialty, including service solution for all companies we represent.

Nowadays H. Strattner´s main administrative and commercial offices including sales, marketing and service are located at two distinct cities: Rio and S.P. There are 400 professionals on staff and 08 regional sales and service offices distributed all over Brazil.

Our vision is to be among the 1.000 largest and best companies in Brazil until 2020.
Our mission is to offer innovative solutions in products and services for the health market.

Denis Barbosa
Diretor de Operações
Operations Director
+55 (21) 2121-1300 R. 1500