BRADUTCH is extraordinarily pleased and proud to announce that Niek de Haan, Partner International Tax at BDO, is the new member of BRADUTCH’s Advisory Board.

Niek de Haan (1975) has been working as an international tax consultant at BDO since 1997. Since 2008 he is responsible for the international work of the location Amstelveen. He has a lot of experience with internationally operating companies that cross the border or want to invest in the Netherlands from abroad.

Niek is also a member of the board of the advisory group for EU law of BDO International as well as a member of the board of the European law section of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. Finally, Niek regularly writes in (inter) national professional literature and is a permanent employee of VakstudieNieuws.


  • international (re) structuring;
  • EU law;
  • ATRs (Advance Tax Rulings);
  • International broadcasts of employees;
  • BPM (cross-border).