Direct Connection with Sustainable Development

Who is Forest Friend

FOREST FRIEND” is a registered trademark of RBC Sustainability and is responsible for commercialization of the Forest Credits of all producers of the Brasil Mata Viva Program, maintaining the distribution of these Environmental Assets for the “Retail Channel”. RBC Sustainability participates in the control of Mataporã Farmhouse, which is one of the largest individual producers of the Brazil Mata Viva Program, preserving 10 thousand hectares of the native Amazon Forest, belonging to the Arinos Nucleus, in the state of Mato Grosso – Brazil.


The Brasil Mata Viva Program is a methodology developed through a network of partner companies and national and international DOs (designated Operational Entities), with technical, certifying and custodial functions, whose mission is to Generate and Develop Solutions in Sustainability. This methodology is based on the PES (Payments for Environmental Services), which generates Forest Credit as a product. This credit is generated from the preservation of forest areas (including APPs and Legal Reserve).

FOREST FRIEND” is a registered trademark of RBC Sustainability and was created to market the Forest Credits of all the producers of the Brazil Mata Viva Program, in the retail market, that is, to the final consumers.

Through FOREST FRIEND, the Forest Credits of the Brasil Mata Viva Program can be commercialized in fractions of up to 10 kg.

Aiming at the retail market, FOREST FRIEND establishes partnerships with companies that want to have a more sustainable performance, offering its customers products that help preserve the Amazon Rainforest. The amounts collected for this purpose are used to purchase the Forest Credits and offset the CO2 emissions of the commercial, service or industrial operation.

The partnership can also be designed to offset the consumption of the product or service marketed, promoting the concept of “sustainable consumption”. This becomes a differential of the partner companies as they demonstrate and set an example of environmental responsibility and concern for our planet.

In this way, many people who feel that they are aware of the need to preserve the Amazon Rainforest can help effectively, without changing their lives or making decisions that are different from those they already have today.

In addition to partnerships with companies, FOREST FRIEND also acts directly to the final consumer through an application that allows you to measure the emissions from your trip and to make monthly compensation for your credit card, cleaning up personal pollution.

FOREST FRIEND inspires people to do their part in planet conservation without relying on governments or NGOs.