The BTL 2018 received more than 70 thousand visitors. One of the main international fairs in the sector, an event with more than a thousand exhibitors.

Once again, Brazil is present with the Embratur stand, presenting destinations in the country and promoting actions related to the international trade. For the first time the State of Tocantins was represented at the fair. Bradutch’s main goal was to connect Portuguese traders with the state.

Portugal is considered a priority market for Brazilian tourism. In the list of tourists who visit Brazil the most, the country ranks 5th among European countries.

With the purpose of presenting new attractions and Brazilian tourist destinations to the international trade, Embratur is in another edition of BTL with destinations already known by the Portuguese tourist.

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Salvador, Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião (SP), besides the states of Pernambuco, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Alagoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraíba and Pará, are present at the Embratur booth. Brazil’s exhibition also has the private sector, with tourism operators, lodging facilities and airline.

The hosted buyers program, supported by Embratur, also presents itself as a tool to generate business for Brazil during the fair. Russian, British, French and Italian operators meet with Brazilian trade representatives at the Embratur booth.

For President Vinicius Lummertz, the fair is also the ideal moment to strengthen the relationship with industry professionals and strengthen the image of the Brazilian brand abroad. “We need to strengthen the country’s image, ensure more business and generate income in Brazilian tourism, a sector that moves 52 sectors of the economy of our country,” he says.

In addition to the relationship actions, Embratur participated in a meeting promoted at the Brazilian Embassy in Portugal by Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) to discuss the possibility of new flights operated by the company. The idea of ​​the TACV representatives is to make flights departing from Europe pass through the country.

“Embratur seeks to increase connectivity with priority markets, with the aim of boosting Brazil’s competitiveness and diversifying Brazilian destinations,” added Raíssa Neumann, Embratur’s specialized expert in the Competitive and Market Intelligence Coordination.

The airline offered a cocktail party in the BTL pavilion for the relationship between the Brazilian and Portuguese trade.