Jerôme de Jong van Lier
We are glad to announce a new partnership between Bradutch and Damsté. Raphael Zaroni, representative of Bradutch Rio de Janeiro, brokered the agreement.
The company is represented by Jérôme de Jong van Lier, a lawyer who speaks Portuguese very well. Jerome has extensive experience in trade relations between Brazil and the Netherlands, since he lived in Brazil for many years. We visited the Damste headquarters in Enschede to learn more about the company and its professionals.
Pollyane dos Reis, Jerôme de Jong van Lier and Cristiane Bueno
Damste Lawyers – Civil Law Notaries has been an integral part of the region of Twente for over 100 years. As one of the largest firms, they advise business owners, institutions, governments and individuals and, if necessary, take legal action at the highest level.They do that with motivated professionals. Their professionals are known throughout The Netherlands for their high level of knowledge, great dedication and entrepreneurship.

We help our fellow Dutchmen in Brazil
Brazil offers enormous potential. But it is not always easy. With our knowledge and experience of Brazil, we like to help you further. We know our way around in contractual relations with Brazilians. We are familiar in the pitfalls of doing business in Brazil.  As it is better to avoid problems, than to get involved in a conflict, we like to puzzle together with you, in order to control risks on forehand.

You can reach Damsté from Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.

C.E.T on our main telephone number
+31 (0)53 484 00 00.


Prins Bernhardplein 200
1097 JB Amsterdam
  +31 (0)20 280 14 00


Hengelosestraat 571
P.O. box 126
7500 AC Enschede
  +31 (0)53 484 00 00
  +31 (0)53 484 00 99

We would like to thank Damsté for the pleasant day in Enschede.