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Dear reader, welcome to the second edition of our business magazine!

After a busy 2017 ending, which saw the launch of our Business Platform and the first edition of Bradutch Business Magazine, our Chamber began this new year with new projects and challenges that aim to make it possible for us to fulfill, in an even better way, our mission of “expanding, developing and supporting business between Brazil and the Netherlands”.

Already in the first weeks of 2018, we had the opportunity to close an important partnership with the State of Tocantins, with the objective of promoting the State’s tourism and investment potential during the largest tourism fair in Europe, Vakantiebeurs, held in Utrecht. The success of this event reinforces the importance of our long-standing partnership with the Brazilian Embassy in the Netherlands, which also assisted in the organization of this project.

Another important partnership closed by Bradutch earlier this year was with the airline Air France KLM, which recently announced a new HUB in Ceará following a recovery in demand in the Brazilian market. The new HUB Nordeste includes a new route between Amsterdam and Fortaleza. Currently, the company’s passenger flow between Brazil and Europe is over 1 million passengers per year. With the creation of the HUB, the company will have 40 weekly flights between Brazil and the European continent, including an additional daily flight to Rio de Janeiro and two more flights to São Paulo.

The partnership between Bradutch and Air France KLM, with the strategic expansion of the airline in the country, will benefit the partners and members of the Chamber by facilitating the displacement between the Netherlands and Brazil. In this way, the partnership will contribute to the connection between the entrepreneurs of both countries, which perfectly reflects the main mission of Bradutch.

In the editorial of our first magazine, we said that that first issue was a “big step” for Bradutch. At the beginning of this year, another major step was taken through an expansion plan with the opening of seven representative offices in Brazil with the objective of offering a greater scope of support to the commercial activities of our members and partners. Bradutch’s expansion has been more than a great step for us, but also a great privilege for us to have new excellent and dedicated professionals in our team.

Bradutch continues with the view that there is a huge growth potential between Brazil and the Netherlands, and the growth of the Chamber, which offers an unprecedented Business Platform between the two countries, only goes to show that this view has proven to be correct.

Enjoy your reading!
Warm regards
from Team Bradutch