Joyce Dias Bradutch's representative in Brasilia, Han Peters Ambassador to the Netherlands in Brazil and Fernanda Siqueira Bradutch's representative in Goiás. ( Ambassador's house in Brasilia, celebrating KINGSDAY )

April 27th is a very festive day in Holland. The Dutch take to the streets for celebrations in style: orange dresses dance, eat and drink. It is King’s Day, when they set up a bazaar in the streets, partying in pubs, bars and terraces, in private or public areas.

In Brasilia, the Embassy of the Netherlands also celebrated its opening, opening its doors to guests, mainly officials of the diplomatic corps. Joyce Dias Bradutch’s representative in Brasilia and Fernanda Siqueira Bradutch’s representative in Goiás were present at the commemoration.

Joyce Dias, Seth van Straten Commercial Director for South America – Air France KLM and Fernanda Siqueira

The feast commemorates King’s Day William Alexander – who is celebrating his birthday on April 27 – and is also the National Date of the Netherlands and a holiday in the country.

In Holland, the King’s Feast is the biggest of the year. It is an atmosphere with great joy. A unique experience. The celebration began in 1835 and first honored Queens of the Netherlands, annually, at different dates. When Willem Alexander, took the throne, the party happened to be denominated Party of the King.