PLURAL FOODS is a Brazilian brand of natural and processed food products from domestic and foreign producers which comply with characteristics of sustainable agriculture and fair trade.
Our main products: special gourmet coffee (arabica and conilon), premium sugarcane liquor (cachaça), organic craft beer, natural coconut water, organic white rice, organic palm heart, special olive oil, dairy products (cheese, milk sweet and butter), cashew nuts, açaí, (processed pulp and cream). biomass (in deep-frozen pulps) of tropical fruits, cocoa (to produce chocolate).
Our products are produced preferably by a group of families or community with high autonomy (related to external agriculture inputs), employing renewable sources of energy, favouring eco geographic, biologic, genetic and productive diversity and refraining from using any agrotoxic or pesticides known to be harmful to human health or to the environment. We also encourage producing the least amount of waste in the whole process.
Plural Foods deploys and invests in cutting edge technology of product traceability in order to monitor every and each step from farm-to-table to insure the best quality of its products.
Plural Foods has a program of profit sharing (Retorno Certo) that encourages the practice of sustainable initiatives, innovation and actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the community. 
We prioritise working with products with the following certifications: AF (Agricultura Familiar), UTZ, Rain Forest, Certifica Minas and Fair Trade.