Activities Bradutch 2018

Bradutch Activities in 2018


  • 04th – 07th: Brussels Furniture Fair 2018 (Brussels, Belgium) – Brazil was be represented at the Brussels Furniture Fair 2018 through a booth organized by DO BRASIL Group and Brazil Expand, with Bradutch’s support.
  • 06th: Port of Pecém and Port of Rotterdam agreement signing (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – The solemnity was attended by Dutch businessmen; the Brazilian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Regina Dunlop; a delegation of technicians from the Port of Pecém; the Executive Director of Bradutch, Pollyane dos Reis; and the President of the Federation of Industries of Ceará (FIEC), Beto Studart.
  • 12th: Decola Nordeste (Fortaleza, Brazil) – Bradutch was represented at the Decola Nordeste event, which sought to encourage regional entrepreneurs to open up to foreign trade.
  • 12th – 14th: 20th Brazilian Northeast International Business Meeting (Fortaleza, Brazil) – This year’s edition of the event featured a space dedicated to Chambers of Commerce, where Bradutch had the opportunity to introduce the participants to the advantages of the Netherlands as a business destination.
  • 26th – Seminar Conexão Holanda – Startups Brazil – The event marked the launch of the Startups Brazil project, which is the result of a partnership between Bradutch and ASTEPS – Brazilian Startups and Digital Entrepreneurs Association, with a main objective to promote mutual cooperation and business relations and investment between Brazil and the Netherlands in the area of startups and digital companies. This seminar should be the first of many to be held by Bradutch and its partners throughout Brazil.


  • 05th: Brazilian Embassy Meeting (The Hague, Netherlands) – Meeting with the Brazilian Embassy to define the details about Bradutch’s future events.
  • 23rd – 24th: Offshore Energy 2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – In seminar organized by Bradutch, the Brazil Offshore Insight, the Chamber invited four companies to offer their different views on the offshore market: Boskalis, Pecém Multimodal Polo, Ampelmann and CET Logistics.


  • 07th: Brazilian Independence Day Celebration (Wassenaar, Netherlands) – Bradutch Director, Pollyane dos Reis and Bradutch Financial Director, Cristiane Bueno participated in the Brazilian Independence Day celebration at the Residence of Brazil in Wassenaar.
  • 13th: Meeting with partners (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Meeting to define the details of Bradutch’s Panel at Offshore Energy 2018 to be held in October.
  • 14th: Meeting with Bradutch President Reinier Russell (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Discussion about the new Memorandums of Understanding to be signed with new partners, and about the articles to be included in the following issue of Bradutch Business Magazine.
  • 19th: Dutch Citizenship Council election (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – The Bradutch Executive Director, Pollyane dos Reis, had her mandate as Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Desk of the Netherlands Citizenship Council (CCPB) renewed for a further two years.
  • 27th: Navingo MoU signing (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Bradutch and Navingo BV, a Dutch company specialized in news reporting and event organization on the maritime and offshore sectors, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishing an institutional partnership between the entities.
  • 28th: ASTEPS MoU signing (Brasília, Brazil) – Bradutch and ASTEPS (Brazilian Startups and Digital Entrepreneurs Association) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create the “Startups Brazil” project.


  • 09th: Ceará Global 2018 (Ceará, Brazil) – Tiago Furtado, Director of Bradutch Ceará presented the Chamber’s 2nd PINEB Seminar on how to do business with the Netherlands. He addressed the specificities of the Netherlands and presented Bradutch’s services that aim to assist Brazilian businessmen interested in investing in the country.
  • 28th: Bradutch Goiás Advisory Board (Goiás, Brazil) – Bradutch Goiás announced the new President of its Advisory Board, Mr. William Leyser O’Dwyer, Executive Superintendent of Foreign Trade of the Government of Goiás and Member of the Thematic Council of Foreign Trade and International Business of the Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás (FIEG).
  • 28th: NFIA Meeting (São Paulo, Brazil) – Bradutch Representative in São Paulo, Luciana Queiroz, met with NFIA Director in Americas, Henny Jacobs, together with NFIA Director in Brazil, Robbert Meijering, to discuss the Bradutch’s activities in 2018 and pipeline of events for 2019. The meeting is also to reinforce Bradutch and NFIA’s partnership in promoting the Netherlands as a country for investors and business not only from Brazil but also from other countries in the American Continent.


  • 13th: Bradutch’s Brazilian Representation Mid Term 2018 Meeting: conference with the Brazilian representations to discuss ongoing projects and to start discussions of 2019’s events. Among the topics discussed: creation of Boards for each Representation, 2019 annual conference, 3rd edition of Bradutch’s Magazine, and publication of investment guide.


  • 04th: NFIA 40th Anniversary Celebration (São Paulo, Brazil) – The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency organized a cocktail party on June 4 to celebrate the 40 years of activity of the entity. The event was attended by the Director of Bradutch São Paulo, Luciana Queiroz, and the Director of Bradutch Goiás, Fernanda Siqueira.
  • 21st – 23rd: World of Coffee 2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Supported the Federation of the Cerrado Mineiro Region’s stand in in its assembly and operation.


  • 02nd: Bradutch Brazil Opening Ceremony (Ceará, Fortaleza) – Official opening ceremony of Bradutch’s seven representative offices in Brazil.
  • 04th: CSP and Port of Pecém visit (Ceará, Fortaleza) – Bradutch’s delegation (formed by the Chamber’s Chairman, Reinier Russell; Executive Director, Pollyane dos Reis; Financial Director and Commercial Relations (Brazil), Cristiane Bueno; Managing Director of Bradutch Ceará, Tiago Furtado; and by the NFIA Director in Brazil, Robbert Meijering) visited the Port of Pecém and Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém.
  • 04th: Air France-KLM HUB Nordeste Opening Celebration (Ceará, Brazil) – Participation in a luncheon offered by Air France-KLM due to the opening of its new HUB Nordeste, that went into operation in the International Airport Pinto Martins, in Ceará. The Chamber was invited to attend this celebration not only as a consequence of inauguration, but also due to the institutional partnership between KLM and Bradutch.
  • 29th: 1st PINEB Seminar (Patos de Minas, Brazil) – Bradutch organized the 1st PINEB Seminar – Internationalization Plan for Brazilian Entrepreneurs: “Brazil and the Netherlands: Opportunities in Agribusiness”, coordinated by the director of Bradutch São Paulo, Luciana Queiroz.
  • 29th – 30th: Brazil Investment Forum 2018 (São Paulo, Brazil) – The Brazilian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce was represented at the Brazil Investment Forum 2018 by the Director of Bradutch Goiás, Fernanda Siqueira.


  • 06th: NFIA Meeting (Ceará, Brazil) – Bradutch Representative in São Paulo, Luciana Queiroz, organized a meeting between the NFIA Director in Brazil, Robbert Meijering, and the Bradutch Representative in Ceará, Tiago Furtado, where they discussed the challenges and agendas that bring Ceará closer to the Netherlands.
  • 18th – 23rd: 8th World Water Forum (Brasília, Brazil) – Joyce Dias, Director of Bradutch Brasília, represented the Chamber.
  • 27th: King’s Day Celebration (Brasília, Brazil) – Joyce Dias, Director of Bradutch Brasília, and Fernanda Siqueira, Director of Bradutch Goiás, were present at the commemoration at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brazil.


  • 13th: 14th Brazil Network Day (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – Pollyane dos Reis, Executive Director of Bradutch, made an official announcement during event about the opening of Bradutch’s new representative offices in Brazil.


  • 20th: NFIA Meeting (São Paulo, Brazil) to be appointed Bradutch Representative in São Paulo, Luciana Queiroz, met with NFIA Director in Brazil, Robbert Meijering, to discuss the opening of Bradutch’s new representative offices in Brazil.
  • 28th: BLT Tourism Fair 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal) – Represented and promoted the State of Tocantins.


  • 09th – 14th: Vakantiebeurs Tourism Fair 2018 (Utrecht, Netherlands) – Bradutch represented and promoted, in collaboration with the Brazilian Embassy in the Netherlands, the State of Tocantins. Supported the operation and assembly of the State’s booth.