Brazil Desk

Our team is composed of Brazilian and Dutch professionals who can offer the necessary expertise to guide you in the Brazilian market.
Bradutch – Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, is an entity whose main objective is to develop activities that stimulate interactivity and business between Brazil and the Netherlands. It organizes trade missions, conferences, seminars and other events related to economic, commercial and cultural exchanges between Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition, the organization has platforms for “networking”, and offers several publications and different services for its members.
Our main task is to help Dutch companies that want to establish themselves in Brazil (and vice-versa) and also to promote networking and visibility for those already there. To achieve this goal, we created Brazil Desk, made up of a personalized team of professionals to meet the needs of our members.
  • Organize individual preparatory meetings and provide up-to-date and personalized information about the Brazil in general, such as: more suitable business location, tax legislation and Brazilian tax regulations, human resources, procedures for obtaining permits and authorizations, government incentives and many other subjects;
  • Provide guidance and advice, already in the country of origin, regarding the selection of the ideal location and logistic strategies, fiscal structures, labor and licenses;
  • Provide contacts with business partners, government authorities, Brazilian service providers, and a range of networks and other relevant contacts in the investment process;
  • Organize personalized trips for data collection, as requested by each client, with the help of its network of regional partners;
  • Support the preservation and enhancement of a favorable investment environment in Brazil;
  • Present concrete solutions that simplify and optimize the establishment of new companies in Brazil;
  • Providing matchmaking support to foreign technology companies seeking Brazilian partners;
  • Provide personalized support from experts in diverse sectors;
  • To defend the interests of companies with national governments;
Business support to companies
Bradutch makes available to its members the cooperation agreements it has with various Brazilian institutions and associations:
  • Access to Bradutch’s Business Platform comprised of: Interactive Portal + Online Magazine + Business Vlogs;
  • Starting a business;
  • Online office;
  • Advice with regard to work and stay permits/visas;
  • Legal advice;
  • Promotion of your products and services on the Bradutch website;
  • Contact with local business associations;
  • Promotion of goods and services of Dutch companies directly to potential Brazilian buyers;
  • Market research;
  • Support in the search of distributors or local agents;
  • Disclosure of business opportunities;
  • Databases by industry sector;
  • Contacts of companies, sector associations, public and private organizations, including the identification of the person responsible for the specific area of the subject to be dealt with;
  • Scheduling, follow-up and assistance in meetings in the Netherlands and Brazil;
The trade missions contribute to forming a new vision of the markets, given their specific characteristics and potentialities.
  • Organization of trade missions between the two countries;
  • Scheduling of business missions according to the specific objectives of each group of entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of work schedules, follow-up and assistance at meetings and throughout the stay;
  • Logistics organization including interpretation services, hotel markings, meeting rooms, show rooms, cars, etc;
  • Support from official institutions, entities and associations of entrepreneurs with whom we maintain relations.
Trade fairs are a perfect way of getting to know the potential of an economy sector in a short period of time.
  • Stand build/ marketing/ stand management
  • Privileged access to partners who are interested in being exhibitors in trade fairs both in Brazil and the Netherlands;
  • Organization of visits to trade fairs;
  • Distribution among members of official invitations to visit fairs and exhibitions in the Netherlands and Brazil;
  • Calendar and catalogs of all the fairs held in the Netherlands and Brazil;
  • Disclosure about the presence of exhibiting companies;
  • Administrative and Logistic Support in the Netherlands and Brazil;
Bradutch offers its members administrative and logistical support under favorable conditions.
  • Secretarial services;
  • Accounting services;
  • Certified translation services from and to the Portuguese, Dutch and English languages;
  • Interpretation services;
  • Certification of photocopies and recognition of signatures;
  • Access to telecommunications; telephones, telefax, internet;
  • Meeting and conference rooms at Bradutch facilities;
  • Hotel reservations, rental vehicles or other services;
  • Organization of events, congresses, seminars and business rounds.
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