Welcome to DALOS – The Luxembourg Brazil Bridge. Dalos is an company created in order to strengthen relations between Brazil and Luxembourg. Our objective: To offer a cutting edge structure for Brazilian tourists, increasing their flow to the Grand Duchy. Expanding business tourism and HighTec Tourism for businessperson and students from various fields. Facilitate the adaptation of the new investors / expatriates to the new culture – language – life, without necessarily losing contact with Brazil, organizing their personal and technical needs in the “new house”. Support and disseminate political and cultural activities between the two countries.


Bridge /Founder
Ana Livia was born and raised in Brazil and studied Journalism. After she moved to Luxembourg for family reasons in 2006 . She has continuously grown her business network to Luxembourg, decision makers through her various professional roles.
Being very well connected to the Brazilian and Luxembourg business communities, she is passionate to bridge both countries and make Brazilian investors successful in their building up close ties with Luxembourg business community.

Postale Adress

Tel: +352 2791 6395
Mobile : +352 671 171 777
E-mail : contact@dalos.lu