A partner will benefit from the exposure and advertising opportunities which are part of the basic membership package but will also have:

  • Company name, logo, website/URL featured in the Bradutch Portal on the partners section
  • The right to refer to yourself as “partner of the Bradutch” in company marketing and communications (the Bradutch logo will be provided).
  • Exclusive opportunity to have marketing materials/ flyers displayed at the Location affiliate with Bradutch.
  • Opportunity to place an article on the topic of your field of expertise on the Bradutch website.
  • Opportunity to participate in a ‘mini-event’ meeting – workshops – conventions.
  • Opportunity to place a gadget/goodie in the Festivals and Business Club associate with Bradutch.
  • Invitation to the annual Bradutch Partnership event.

*In order to become a partner, one must be a member first
*Annual cost of €1,000