We are a modern Law firm with relevant performance in the northeast of Brazil, with offices in Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador and Natal.

We are proud to contribute to Brazil’s Northeast regional development adopting the best juridical practices and ethics value.

Among our clients there are companies with significant business in the northeast region in areas such as food, hotels, real estate property, chemical, steel, transport, foreign trade, public construction, telecommunications, energy, mining, paper and pulp, banking, sports and entertainment.

We adopt a pro-active performance towards our customers and their business providing efficient legal services of high quality and fair fee, considering the complexity of issues involved and the seniority and competence of the lawyers envolved.

We specially appreciate the maintenance of personal relationship with each of our clients and we continue reinforcing many of these ties for decades, once we believe enduring partnerships generate better results to our clients and to our office allowing increasing levels of competence and mutual trust.

We have a substantial structure of customer service in other cities of Brazil and abroad through a network of correspondents and partners which allow us to work nationally and internationally to meet our clients’ needs.

In the same way, we try to use the best technology available allowing an efficienty communication with each of our clients, wherever they are established.

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