We are Damsté lawyers and civil law notaries. In our offices in Enschede and Amsterdam our specialists work each day on a wide range of issues for our clients.
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Our Brazilians
We have a special connection with Brazil. Within our Latin American desk, the Brazilian connection is personalized by Mr Jérôme de Jong van Lier and by Mr Chris Harmsen.

Mr Jérôme de Jong van Lier is one of about a hundred Dutch lawyers, admitted tot he bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. This legal qualification does not withstand, that he primarily considers himself as a solution-broker and a dealmaker. Mr Jérôme de Jong van Lier lived and worked from 2006 to 2016 in Brazil. He still has his Brazilian domicile in the Complexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecem, Ceará.

Mr Cris Harmsen is a civil law lawyer and a real network-builder. Through an exchange with Zaroni Advogados in Rio de Janeiro, he became familiar with the Brazilian culture, especially in the domains of law and commerce.

Damsté and Zaroni advogados
Shortly after the first contacts between Zaroni Lawyers and Damsté, the offices decided to have a strategic cooperation. We exchanged lawyers in order to improve the mutual understanding and to have a better insight in the cultural expectations of their clients. The short lines and the trust built between our offices proofed to be very fruitful.

We at Damsté are your guide to Holland and the EU
Holland is an attractive country to do business. Tax-planning might be a reason for having an affiliate in Holland. Companies from abroad also might choose to have commercial relations with Holland, in virtue of its central position in international trade, its fabulous transport and logistics, its leading position in technology, research, agronomy, agro-technology or sustainability. Other considerable qualities that might lead to choosing Holland are the efficiency of public and private services and the high level of legal security.

Doing business in Holland is very accessible. Nevertheless, any new company needs orientation in complying Dutch national rules and European standards. Damsté will take you by the hand, not only by supplying legal services, but also by indicating network-partners for any need you have. If you prefer, you can count upon our services in the Portuguese language.

And we help our fellow Dutchmen in Brazil
Brazil offers enormous potential. But it is not always easy. With our knowledge and experience of Brazil, we like to help you further. We know our way around in contractual relations with Brazilians. We are familiar in the pitfalls of doing business in Brazil.  As it is better to avoid problems, than to get involved in a conflict, we like to puzzle together with you, in order to control risks on forehand.

Our offer
Our specialists are at your service and look forward to working with you in the future. We are motivated to find the best answers to your questions. This means that a solution does not only take account of your interests of today, but also plays a role in your ambitions for tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Até logo!

You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. C.E.T on our main telephone number
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