BRADUTCH is extraordinarily pleased and proud to announce the new member of BRADUTCH’s Advisory Board:
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  • Alex Figueiredo,
    CEO Apex Brazil in Europe.

Apex, short for “Agência Brasileira de Exportação e Investimento”, (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promoting Agency) is a governmental organization responsible for promoting Brazil’s exports and services in international markets. Its mission also extends to support Brazilian companies’ internationalization and attract foreign investments into the country.

Currently, the Agency supports 81 sectors of the Brazilian economy, divided into six large productive categories: food and beverages, fashion, technology and health care, housing and civil construction, entertainment and services, and machinery and equipment.

The basis of Apex-Brasil’s work is to establish partnerships with the private sector, always looking to expand the number of exporting companies, open new markets for national products and services and strengthen the Brazilian presence in traditional markets.